Why Cashmere Jumpers Are This Season’s Fashion Must For Men

Men’s cashmere jumpers are well known for keeping in the heat and keeping you cosy during the cold winter months, so when it comes to spring or summer, these items of clothing are stored away and forgotten about. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Cashmere jumpers can play a huge role in spring fashion.

The weather is never something you can rely on. When it’s supposed to be warm and sunny, a cold breeze can blow in from the North and you’ll see yourself reaching for an item of clothing to help keep you warm. This is why layering is so important, and what better item of clothing to layer with than a quality cashmere jumper?

If you’re still unsure, try layering with a cashmere zip hoody. They’re quick and easy to put on when you need, and easy to remove if you get too warm. You can also meet in the middle and leave the zip undone, allowing the cooling breeze to keep you cool. Cashmere zip mens blue hoodie are smart yet casual and is something you can use as a light jacket and get away with wearing anywhere you go.

Or if zip hoodies aren’t your thing, then why not go for a cashmere sleeveless jumper? These are perfect for layering over cool linen or cotton shirts. They can add colour to a plain look, colours such as safari green, hurricane or navy blue, or even damask rose for that confident, equable style. Or go for a textured, patterned look with cashmere fair isle and ensure that heads are turned your way as you go by. Pair these jumpers with interesting shirts of check, patterns such as liberty print, or plain stonewashed, followed by light and airy linen trousers or shorts.

Normal cashmere designs can also be a man’s best friend throughout spring and summer. Who doesn’t like spending their evenings sitting out in the open, either in the garden or out in the countryside somewhere, watching the tranquil sunset, the stars rise and the odd shooting star that races across the night sky. Add a barbeque in there and you have the recipe for the perfect evening – except for the usual drop in temperature that accompanies such things. This is when you reach for your cashmere jumper so that you can continue to enjoy your relaxing night without letting the chill get to you.

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