What Are the Benefits of Gold Tone Coffee Filters?

You may have noticed lately that many home coffee makers on the market contain gold tone filters that are reusable for coffee brewing. What are the benefits to these types of filters, and how do they compare to regular paper coffee filters?

The coffee filter was first invented by Bunn, who is now the commercial coffee maker manufacturer and producer dominating the market. Since that time, there have been many variations within coffee filters, including cloth, unbleached, gold tone, paper, and even bamboo filter choices. There are many different sizes available depending upon the type of coffee maker, but the main two varieties that exist are flat bottomed or cone coffee filters for your brewer.

Many coffee connoisseurs feel that cone coffee filters reusable coffee cup are a better choice than the flat bottom variety because when the coffee is brewed in a cone filter, the water will be able to completely extract the coffee grounds before it drips into the carafe. A flat bottom coffee filter does not provide the same opportunity, meaning that it has a lesser quality extraction overall. Another advantage to the cone coffee filter is that the hot water will remain in contact with the coffee grounds for longer than with a flat bottom filter. This allows for a deeper extraction and brew time, creating more intricate flavors overall. As a side note, this is the precise reason that coffee has more caffeine in it than espresso. A shot of espresso will brew within 25 seconds, but when the coffee is extracted in the filter, it can be in contact with the coffee grounds for several minutes at a time, causing a higher caffeine content overall.

When it comes to the materials that the coffee filters are constructed from, gold tone is commonly seen as a better choice. Paper filters do well to filter the coffee grounds from the water, but they are also quite absorbent to remove much of the essential oils from the coffee. The essential oils within the coffee give it fullness of flavor, so when the essential oils are removed, the coffee is missing much of its body. This is precisely why so many people choose to brew with the French Press method since it is unfiltered. This means that all essential oils remain in the final cup of Joe, leaving it significantly more flavorful overall.

Another benefit to using gold tone coffee filters are that they are eco-friendly. These types of filters are reusable for the entire life of your coffee machine, so they save paper and waste. If gold tone filters are given the proper care, they can last for years at a time, saving you much more money than purchasing disposable paper filters. Gold tone filters also will not absorb the oils of the coffee, leaving them within your cup of Joe for a deeper taste and flavor.

During the brewing process, the hot water will not react negatively with the gold in the filter to cause a metallic taste in the brew, but it will provide a clean and pure flavor overall.

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