Types of Gemstone Cabochons


Gemstone cabochons are widely available because cabochons use any un-faceted gemstones. Cabochons popularly known as cab stones are elegant gemstones, cut in different sizes and shapes to suit the requirements of the customers. Since, these stones are easily cut and shaped, they are widely used in jewelry making and fashion accessories. The significant feature of these stones are that they are not faceted and only polished. Cabochons are usually formed from those Tansanit gemstones that lack clarity and luster. Gemstone from their simple cut and appearance can fit easily into a pendant setting. Some of the types of gemstones these cabochons are found in include rose quartz, agate, amethyst, turquoise, moonstone, and much more. These stones have natural colors and are quite charming. Wearing different types of cabochons gemstones can bring energy, peace and power.

Shapes and sizes of gemstone cabochons

Cabochons are often made in gemstones that are opaque and textured in stones. These stones are found in many shapes and sizes. The shape of the stone is either natural or attained through polishing. You can buy these stones in square, round, tear, oval, rounded square, trillion, pear, heart. The shapes are often mounted on top and flat at the bottom side so that these cab stones efficiently set in any jewelry item. Once the shape of the cab stone is known, a cutter perfects the size of the cabs. The size relies on the shapes and the stones used. Soft stones make only smaller sized jewelry items, while hard stones and the cabochons make both big and small-sized jewelry items.

Types of Gemstone Cabochons

There are various types of cabochons gemstone, below are a few of the renowned types of cabochon stone and the powers they have.

Agate Cabochons – This stone is best known as a protection stone. This stone can offer protection from worries, stress, and draining of energy. It can also efficiently attract strength. Agate cab stones are the ideal choice for those people who are looking to awaken their hidden talents and also to balance their energies.

Amethyst Cabochons – This is one among the most popular semi-precious cabochons gemstones available. It is found in various elegant colors ranging from reddish purple to lilac. Most people prefer to have this stone because of its beautiful and attractive colors. It is also widely believed that amethyst stone helps controlling emotions and attaining wisdom. It is also useful and significant when it comes to quitting some bad habits such as smoking, alcohol or overeating.

Moonstone Cabochons – These stones are available in vivid colors and women generally love to wear this stone. These can stones are also best for promoting clear thinking and inspirations.

Jade Cabochons – Most people believe jade as a precious stone of serenity. Different countries across the world produce Jade cabochons. Wearing jade cab stones can ease out anxiety or fear and also can enhance your good luck. These stones can also bring prosperity. Most people love to wear this stone due to its amazing significance.

There are many other types of gemstone cabochons that are available today that have special powers and aid you in many ways. You can choose the best cab stone based on your requirements.

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