Quit Chewing Tobacco – Some Hints and Suggestions

The use of chewing tobacco is every bit as addictive and dangerous as the use of tobacco in cigarettes or in pipes. Since using chew is so addictive, it can be very difficult to break the habit. If you have made the decision to quit, congratulations. This is one of the best decisions you will make for your family and friends. Breaking your addiction to chew won’t be easy, but it will be what is best for you in the long run.

The first thing you’ll need to do when quitting chew is to get the support of your family and friends. Chances are pretty good that your spouse or significant other will be very happy to hear of your decision. Let’s face it – kissing someone with a wad of chewing tobacco in their mouth isn’t the most attractive thing in the world! Your spouse or significant other will need to understand that you will have good days and bad days in your process of becoming free of chewing tobacco. Her support and understanding will give you some of the courage you need to let your body become tobacco free.

Once you have everyone on board in your decision to quit, the next thing that you will want to do is evaluate how and when you use chew. Is it a habit for you? For example, when you sit down after work to check your email do you automatically dip? Do you find yourself turning to chewing tobacco when you get stressed or frustrated? When you are able to recognize the triggers for you and your use of chewing tobacco you will be able to stop those situations before they even arise.

Chewing tobacco is very addictive, perhaps more addictive than the use of cigarettes. When you put chewing tobacco in your mouth you get a jolt of nicotine that is stronger, more powerful, and delivered more quickly than the jolt you get when smoking Buy pipe tobacco online a cigarette. Some people have found the use of herbal snuff or tobacco free herbal chewing tobacco helpful in the quitting process. When you use these products you get the same feeling you get when dipping without the harmful nicotine. Other people have had success in using other things to substitute for chew, such as bubble gum or hard candy. Be careful if you decide to use these products for substitutes as you may find yourself consuming more calories and sugar in your quest to quit chew.

If you have an addiction that you can’t seem to kick on your own, then a visit to your family doctor can be helpful. He or she has probably helped many other patients kick nicotine in the past and will have some good advice for you. Your doctor might suggest the use of nicotine gum or a patch in a process to step down in your use of nicotine.

Of course each person is different and each life situation unique so there is no “one size fits all” answer to the question “how can I quit using chew?” The fact that you have decided to quit is probably the hardest step to make. Now is the time to lean on your loved ones and friends for support as you journey to a life free of chewing tobacco.

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