Protect Carwash Station With Security Cameras

In this article I want to help owners of car washes to control their business! If you cannot always be at the workplace, but want to watch and monitor what is happening in your room, monitor staff, cleaning equipment and customers! It’s all possible with video surveillance system, which communicates with you via the Internet! In the absence of the Internet, all information stored in hard disk drive hardware, and at any other time you can find about what’s happening day, three days a week, a month ago!

Carwash – place of vehicle washing, vacuuming and drying for their means of luxury transportation.

Video surveillance for carwash makes it possible to monitor the building inside the premises and the area around it.

Installation of the system is carried out with a Carwash subscription number of reasons:

  1. Accounting for clients for a certain period;
  2. Monitoring the condition of the equipment, service care, the reasons for failure;
  3. Monitoring the actions of operators, cleaners;
  4. Accounting earnings;
  5. Control of vehicles, to prevent claims of the customer.

Here are some tips to help install the equipment:

  • Install traffic camera pointing at the driveway to collect license plate data;
  • Place water resistant camera in the wash bay to inspect the quality of washing, and the absence of damage to cars in the process of washing.
  • Install security camera pointing change dispenser
  • Fix security cameras to monitor vacuum stations and tire inflators

All cameras must be tamperproof and water resistant. Wiring should be protected with wire conduit from been damaged. Recorder must be placed in secure location or DVR locker bolted to a floor.

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