Natural Depression Cures – The Good & the Bad

Today’s market is littered with different products claiming to be the next wonder drug able to cure everything ranging from obesity to sexual performance issues. The truth is most of these drugs do very little of what they claim but rather rely on people’s laziness to sell. If you could work out 5 days a week, limit your caloric intake, and lose 10 lbs or take a magical pill, never work out, eat whatever you want, and still lose those 10 lbs which would you choose? That was pretty much a no brainer and that is exactly what the drug market hopes to cash in on.

The same theory applies to cures for depression. People are in a big hurry to take the next big antidepressant and bam no more depression but again this is not the way it works. Unfortunately, treating depression is a bit more complicated than that and often requires a combination of treatments. When searching for answers to treatment for depression you should not overlook natural depression cures. These types of remedies are often much more affordable, require no prescription from a doctor, have less side effects, and in studies have shown to be as if not more effective than chemical antidepressants.

Natural methods include both herbs and How to Overcome Loneliness After a Breakup such as St John’s Wort and also lifestyle changes such as specific diet and regular exercise. Natural herbs can be found easily at your local pharmacy and many times can be picked off the shelf at stores such as Walmart. You can expect to pay very little for these treatments.

Diet on the other hand are absolutely free of charge and face it, your body needs a well balanced diet anyway so you might as well get started on this. Limiting the amount of junk you put into your body will pay dividends over and over again. Make sure to include Omega3 fatty acids as a direct link has been shown between a lack of these and depression. Wondering where you can get Omega3 fatty acids? If you are a meat eater fish are an excellent source however if you prefer to save our slippery little friends hempseed oil is another terrific source.

The last of the natural depression cures I’d like to share with you is of course exercise. With our lives becoming more and more sedentary and exercise becoming less and less common our bodies do not have this physical activity to relieve stress. Without a proper outlet to let off steam stress will build inside and can eventually lead to severe depression. If you’re like me you’re gym card probably gets used more to scratch off lottery tickets than to get into the gym but a little exercise can mean the difference between a healthy mind and an ill one. It won’t take hours a night just a few light workout sessions a few times a week. Of course before making any changes to your diet or starting an exercise program I’d recommend you consult your physician.

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