Marketing Luxury Vacation Rentals With Wine Tours


Do you have a luxury rental property near wine country? Do your guests come to your property for its vicinity to the great vineyards and tasting rooms, such as those in Côtes du Rhone in France, or the Napa Valley in California, or the lovely wine country near Cape Town, South Africa? Are they also interested in truly gourmet dining, spas, and other indulgent experiences? Often, those who are collecting wines, taking wine tours or those who just appreciate the wine country’s rural appeal will want their accommodations to be near the area they will be touring.

If your property is close to all of the vineyards in the area, it could be just the place these guests are looking for. Yours could be a villa, mansion, or bed and breakfast inn where guests want to come to relax after a long day of touring and tasting fine wines. To make your Dominican republic luxury villa rentals even more appealing to these guests, you can even host wine-related activities like private and intimate tasting events with experts, collectors or cultivators, or perhaps educational seminars like cooking classes or other oenophile and culinary activities to bring in even more guests.

Let Them Know You Are Where They Need to Be

The best way to attract potential guests who are willing to pay a premium for the location and all the unique amenities that you offer, is to advertise where people are seeking unique wine country properties. How to make your Feature Ad stand out?

Make sure that you highlight all the features of the home and activities that would appeal to them. Perhaps this is a professional quality wine chiller in the fully-equipped kitchen, or a bubbling Jacuzzi overlooking a private vineyard.

Offer your availability to arrange for a private hiking guide, or tours of “behind the scenes” places such as highly-sought-after restaurant kitchens or private gardens.

Use photos and videos to highlight the best parts of your property, including any lakes or beaches, swimming pools, tennis, and of course, wine, and area vineyards (if you have your own vineyard, you can draw even more guests).

Make sure that you include information about your property being located in the heart of wine country, and emphasize that your home and its services cater to those who are taking wine tours of the area.

Advertise Where Upscale Clients Will Find You

When you are ready to advertise your property, you want to ensure that the potential wine country guests will find your listing in a search. To do this, you need to list your upscale rental property at a nice marketing site where prestige properties are featured. Unique categories for wine and food lovers include “Wine Tasting Base,” and “Chef’s Delight.” The site brings discerning guests together with owners of luxury holiday homes and boutique hotels in the most desirable wine country regions.

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