Keeping the Skin Soft and Clean Without Any Facial Cleanser

The reason I do not use facial cleansers is because I have a highly sensitive skin. Every single time I try to use a facial cleanser, instead of making my face more soft and moisturized, it adds up more spots to my face. I guess I had it coming, I mean, I should’ve known my skin was too sensitive.

Let me tell you a story about how sensitive my skin is. When I was a baby, I could not use cheap diapers, otherwise, rashes would start coming up all over my body. Sounds weird, but it is true, my parents had to buy expensive brand of diapers, just to stop the rashes coming again, even though at the time, they couldn’t really afford it. But fortunately, my dad had a more stable job and our life started to get better.

Anyhow, when I was around 12-15, I had a rash all over my body over an allergy which I myself am not sure of, but I would guess it was dust, and I had spots on my hand dues to sensitivity to detergents. You know, the detergents you use to put into the Soft washing machine and wash your clothes with. At that moment, I knew I had high sensitivity to a lot of stuff, but still, I just wanted to try on hose facial cleansers, even though there was nothing wrong with my face – so then, next morning, I woke up only to find spots on my face.

That was annoying, you put on a cleanser only to find it does you bad instead of good. After that, due to my stupidity, I tried other type of cleanser, and again, it just did worse. In the end I stopped using facial cleansers and instead, I have a more safe and cleaner way of washing my face.

All you need is water, that’s basically it – water! (believe it or not) Just wash your face and let it dry by itself. Don’t wipe it – just let your skin absorb the water and wash away the dirt. After that, you’ll realize how soft your skin is and how you really do not need to spend any money on facial cleansers. The number of times I usually wash my face in a day is about five times. Hope this helps you.

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