High School Study Skills

Many teens that have entered high school have poor high school study skills. Why is this? Lets consider some items that could possibly be contributing to this factor.

First off, considering many high schools curriculum, they do not take into consideration that many students are not prepared for this. They are very proficient with everything from gaming and gaming systems, to music and music television. Many would ace these if they were subjects, however they are not. But, the point we are attempting to make is that the student has learned these. Were they required to learn these? Probably not. However, they did learn them because they were interested in them, thus, inadvertently learned them. And, very well we might add. This concept is what an instructor needs to tap into in order to teach the students in their class. The ability to peak the student and their interest.

But, many students lack the self discipline to adequately and properly learn the material. They will use excuse after excuse as to why they can not learn the material and are doing poorly, when in actuality many of them are having a tough time getting off the cell phone, or away from the latest electronic game, or even a hundred other reasons. This simply boils down to the student and their poor study habits that is their trait. These traits must be broken before any attempt at correcting the situation is made. By simply putting down that cell phone or getting away from that latest game, a student would open doors in free time that could be applied to their studies.

Parents are also a contributing factor to this also. Fore, many scary books for tweens either do not have the time or assume that their child is doing well in school. They leave the studying habits entirely up to the student instead of taking an interest and directing them as to the proper way to study. Of course, there are those exceptional students that require no assistance at all when it comes to this too. They are the ones that take their studies seriously and are self disciplined enough. But, these are few and far apart.

There are a few skills that a student can apply that will assist them. However, they will certainly have to sincerely want to change this aspect of themselves before it will even begin to work.

It starts with paying attention in class. This is the single most contributing factor to learning the material. Having a good breakfast will also aid this greatly. Covering the material in the evening and avoiding the many electronic devices that invades the typical student’s home is also a major contributing factor.

Thus, it is not that hard to obtain high school study skills, what is hard is the many outside distractions that many students choose instead.


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