Graphic Designer Tips: Design Professional Business Cards


The propensity to self produce business cards with the help of online printing services is very interesting, yet somewhat disturbing. With a few exceptions, it is quite easy to recognize a cheaply made card. What impression does your inexpensive card send to the prospective clients? Are you really benefiting from saving a nominal amount of expense? With the right business cards, you could be on your way to creating a positive brand from the first step.

Cheap isn’t very good for positive first impressions. Follow these tips to end up with fabulous business cards that leave a lasting impression.

Recruit a professional graphic designer

This is really the best option, unless you have the essential skills to design the business cards yourself. Preferably, the same designer will also be making designs for other business promotion tools, like your brochures, letterheads and website. The biggest advantage would be that your brand image will remain consistent.

Keep things simple

Typically, business Door Hanger Printing Nearby are a standard size, 3.5 x 2, so you have limited space to work in. Keep your logo a suitable size, make the type size easily readable and overcome the urge to cover all the white space.

Follow the standard card size

Well, unless you are an adventurous type! Look for other ways to differentiate your standard sized card. Use curved corners, go with a tricky shape, maybe round, which would be very memorable. However, remember that it won’t fit into a standard sized business card holder. Choose an unconventional style only if you are willing to trade ease for memorability.

Be meticulous in choosing what goes on the card

The most important element of course, is your name, followed by your company’s name, contact numbers and obviously the company’s website address. Follow the first basic rule for graphic designing and avoid clutter. Simple and clean cards always work.

The reverse side blank

Though preferably kept blank, you can use the reverse side for the less significant information. Few people, if any, will turn your card to see what’s printed on the backside. If you are definite that you want something on the reverse side, use supplementary information such as your organisation’s mission statement. Remember that although your card is a branding tool, it is not an advertising instrument.

The bottom line

Think carefully about what you look for in other people’s calling cards while making important decisions. When key information can’t be found, is it frustrating? Or small type, with a hard to read font? Do inexpensively produced cards ruin your impression about an individual or organization?

Don’t repeat any of the mistakes that you have noticed in others’ business cards. Your card is a reflection of your organisation and obviously, you. Ensure that your card reflects your well defined brand identity. If you are looking for support for your business card needs in Dubai, consult with business card printers in Dubai will offer more individual advice.


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