Finding Luxury Real Estate In Cyprus


There are many Britons who are eyeing Cyprus in investing in luxury real estate, owing to the fact that Britain has earned the sordid reputation of having the second least quality of living among many countries as showed by a recent survey on the matter.

Most of the countryside of Cyprus offers a secured and restful pace of living. The climate and weather in Cyprus is very conducive to healthy living. What is more appealing is the fact that you can invest in luxury real estate this area at affordable prices while enjoying comparable luxury and convenience. The cost of living in Cyprus is very much lower compared to countries like The United Kingdom. Transportation costs are at a minimum, and the taxes on pensions are very much lower at 5 percent and in some instances are considered free.

There are 5 special locations worth mentioning as top choices in so far as real estate is concerned, and these are ideal for people who are planning on reducing their lifestyle costs while enjoying all the amenities and features of having llas lomas mexico city real estate in Cyprus.

The Calypso Gardens located in Avia Triada, Famagusta is a prime location worth considering. The place has a diminutive development of merely 10 villas and is located very near lush and beautiful beaches. The villas are constructed each with 3 bedrooms and are spaced only a couple of hundred meters away from the coastline. Investors have been attracted to the awesome and spectacular scenery and view offered by these villas.

Another good location in luxury real estate is the villas of Helios Village Villas located in Konia, Paphos. It is an upscale development of modern villas which is a mere 5 minute drive from the main town of Paphos. Tradition and culture are preserved in the construction of this place. Relatively complete amenities and superb security make this place a popular choice of investment whether for new or reselling terms.

The Coral Sunset, located in Coral Bay, Paphos exudes quality and luxury in their 7 private villas construction. These villas come with individual swimming pools and are close to beautiful beaches and banana plantations near the Coral Bay. The villas are specifically designed to have distinctive looks to contain their 3 bedroom affair design, and with its majestic view of the sea, it augurs well as a good property investment.

3 to 4 luxury bedrooms are provided in the Riza Villas situated in Peyia, Paphos. They are also situated close to Coral Bay. 16 traditional stone houses are built on this location and has earned the reputation of classy and high living. The place is also replete and close to first class amenities and facilities.

The Amoroza Hills in Neo Chorio, Polis and Latchi finally round up the top choices in property investment. It is composed of 13 villas in 3 bedroom affairs and is also very proximate to amenities and facilities.

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