Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Mobile Car Washes

Mobile carwash businesses must cluster their customers close together due to the high cost of fuel. When a mobile carwash business is driving around it is not making money however, when it is parked in a parking lot washing lots of cars in a row it is making the maximum and most efficient use of its resources and therefore creating profits for the company. Do you own a mobile carwash service or a mobile auto detailing service?

What ways of marketing have you found the most effective? Most mobile carwash owners when asked this question state in surveys that most of their business comes from referrals or word-of-mouth advertising. Yes, I know this to be true and yet I also realize that you must get customers first in order to generate the most amount of word-of-mouth advertising. The best way to get new customers to get this synergy going is to use direct mail or direct-mail marketing coupon packages.

It makes sense to send out direct-mail marketing coupon packages and 2 for 1 offers and $20 exterior hand wax coupons to attract new clientele. I Carwash subscription recommend sending out direct-mail marketing coupon packages to all those customers within a 10-mile radius of your clustered routes. I also recommend that you send these out at least two times per year. Please consider all this in 2006.

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